Are you worried about retirement? Does the concept of retirement scare you?  You’re not alone. It may well be the greatest financial challenge of your life because retirement is the reward for a lifetime of work.

Facing the concept of leaving work is often daunting and anxiety driven, though it may be somewhat exciting. There’s a lot of factors to consider when you leave the workforce and enter retirement.
It’s a good idea to speak to an industry expert to help you make some difficult decisions and develop a customised plan as you enter into this new phase of life.

That’s why it’s never too early to start thinking about what retirement means for you.  Can you afford to retire? Do you have the income stream to support the lifestyle you want?How can you get ready for retirement?

Some Factors You Need To Look At In Retirement Planning

  • Working out how much you need
  • Understanding your current situation
  • Is your employer contributions enough to meet your goals?
  • What can you do if you don’t have enough.

Transition to Retirement

  • Moving into retirement by working less and using your super
  • Boosting your super as you transition into retirement
  • What age can you retire?
  • The work test for over 65’s
  • Concessional caps and how they affect you.

Retirement Management

  • How to invest your money
  • Working out all your tax implications
  • Making your funds last throughout retirement
  • Withdrawing money from super
  • Estate Planning needs.

 At AMP Financial Planning, we listen carefully to your dreams and aspirations that you have for retirement and help you formulate a plan to make the most of your retirement while making sure you don’t miss out on the things you like to do now.

We like to focus on the bigger picture and the finer details of wealth, to make sure you have the best opportunities to achieve your dreams.  Meet with us to discuss how you can keep your current lifestyle in your golden years. Our advisers will take into account your work, family, household budgeting, superannuation and investments, then create specific strategies that work the best for you – just the way you want it to. We’ll help you unleash your financial potential in retirement with a range of targeted solutions, custom designed to suit your personal circumstances. We specialise in you!

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