Protect Your Wealth, Family, Business and Legacy.

Insurance is one of those things that people do not like to talk about or put at the bottom of their “to do” list. We simply don’t like to think that the ‘worst’ could happen in our life, or talk about things that remind us of our mortality.

However, the right insurance cover provides a financial defensive, safety net for you and protect your family during times of sickness, disability or death – potentially keeping you financially protected during these difficult times.

At AMP Financial Planning we take time to get to know who you are and understand that each and every customer is different with different needs, wants and goals. That’s why we take a more personalised approach to ensuring we find the most suitable insurance cover to suit you and your lifestyle – and make sure you are fully protected.

Our Financial Planners take the time to understand your specific needs,  your personal and your family circumstances, and recommend a suitable strategy that will best fit your lifestyle to ensure you are protected.

Some examples include:

Taking advantage of the tax-effectiveness of insurance inside super

  • Combining your cover with a family member to reduce your premium
  • Choosing the right combination of benefits and extra options.

For businesses, life insurance serves as the foundation for many financial strategies. Companies and individuals often use its death benefit payout to replace lost assets and finance buy/sell agreements.

Our Advisers can show you how to use this valuable tool to your best advantage. We offer a wide range of risk management vehicles that include life insurance, total and permanent disability plans, income protection plans and trauma or critical illness insurance cover.

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