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Ron Khor, JP – Managing Director, Senior Financial Planner, Accredited Mortgage Consultant

Ron Khor is an Authorised Representative of AMP Financial Planning Pty Limited. He is the Managing Director and Senior Financial Planner with AMP Financial Planning and is a Justice of Peace. He is a highly regarded professional with over 25 years experience in the Financial Services industry. Ron holds a Bachelor of Business from the Swinburne University of Technology, a Diploma in Financial Services and a Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking Management. Ron holds the Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner designation of the Association of Financial Advisers, Australia and the Asia  Pacific Financial Services Association.  Ron is also an Accredited Mortgage Consultant with AMP Financial Planning. He is also a  Tax (Financial) Adviser  registered with the Tax Practitioner Board.

Ron is a much sought after distinguished guest speaker on financial planning and investments on various Mandarin radio featured shows including Melbourne Chinese radio AM 1629.  In his spare time, Ron continues with his generous philosophy of helping others by interacting and personally providing coaching and training in the Chinese martial arts of Tai Chi and Qi Qong. For his contribution to the world of Tai Chi, Ron has the rare honour of being awarded the coveted title of Grand Master of Tai Chi by the World Martial Art Championship Committee of Beijing, China.  “Being healthy, wealthy and wise is very important to one’s life – you must be healthy to be able to enjoy your life and to do it wisely,” Ron says. Ron is committed to provide you with a financial plan that will take into account all aspects of your financial and personal situation. Ron speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien and some Tamil, apart from English.

Email Ron at e.khor@ampfp.com.au

Peter Lim – Director, Senior Financial Planner, Accredited Mortgage Consultant

PeterPeter Lim is an Authorised Representative of AMP Financial Planning Pty Limited. He is a  Director and Senior Financial Planner with AMP Financial Planning. Peter has worked in the financial services industry both locally and overseas for over 15 years – he brings a wealth of experience helping people of diverse backgrounds and ages in growing their wealth and investments. Peter holds the Advanced Diploma of Financial Services(Self Managed Super Funds), the Advanced Diploma of Financial Services(Financial Planning) and the Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking Management. Peter also hold the Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner designation of the Association of Financial Advisers Australia and the Asia Pacific Financial Services Association.  Peter is also an Accredited Mortgage Consultant with AMP Financial Planning. Peter speaks several languages, including Cantonese, Indonesian and Bahasa Malaysia.  His commitment in servicing his clients is best summed up thus:

” Though the winds may blow and the storms may come, I will never let go your hand”.

Email Peter at peter.lim@ampfp.com.au

Vinay Nigam – Financial Planner, Debt Advice Specialist

VinayVinay Nigam is an Authorised Representative of AMP Financial Planning Pty Limited. He is a Financial Planner with AMP Financial Planning.  Vinay’s  qualifications in financial planning include, among others, the Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Self Managed Super Funds) and the Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning)

Vinay is a talented and experienced member of the financial planning team.  He is a member of the AMP Financial Planning Association and also a member of Association of Financial Advisers, Australia. Vinay  is also a credit representative of AMP Financial Planning and he is authorised to provide credit advice regarding how to structure debt, suitability of existing loan structures and repayment options. Active in sports and yoga, Vinay believes in “balance” and in living life to the fullest. “Let me assist you in the journey to financial freedom,” he says.

Email Vinay at vinay.nigam@ampfp.com.au

Kamal Jalal – Financial Planner

kamal135x138Kamal is an Authorised Representative and Authorised Credit Representative of AMP Financial Planning. He holds a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Commerce, and a Diploma of Financial Planning. He has been working in the Financial Services sector, both local and overseas, since 1996. He started his career initially with the Chittagong Stock Exchange and then moved into Financial Planning after discovering how much he enjoyed helping others in achieving their financial goals. He is very passionate about formulating the best strategies for clients to achieve their financial objectives and sharing knowledge with the clients so that they can have confidence and thus peace of mind as they advance on their personal journey of financial freedom. He has very good attention to details especially on clients’ best interests. Kamal speaks English and Bangla, and can read Arabic script. He is a member of the AMP Financial Planning Association. Practising AIKIDO, participating in community events, listening to music are his pastimes. Kamal loves to listen to clients’ circumstances and then bring the most suitable solution for them to achieve their dreams.

“I feel good when I can help people by saving time, saving money, creating wealth and making things convenient for them. I feel successful when my clients are happy and refer others to us.”

Contact Kamal at kamal.jalal@ampfp.com.au

Colin Wei – Financial Planner

Colin is an Authorised Representative and Authorised Credit Representative of AMP Financial Planning. He holds a Master of Accounting degree, and a diploma and an Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning. He also holds a Certificate in Gearing and Margin Lending. Colin has been working in the Financial Services sector for more than 8 years after he changed his career from a tax accountant. Being very passionate about helping others to achieve their financial goals, Colin takes immense pride in the quality of his work and focus on continuous improvement. Colin is also very committed to his clients. He loves talking to his clients about their financial goals, sharing his knowledge of financial planning, focusing on debt reduction, wealth protection, superannuation strategies, retirement planning, Centrelink and cashflow improvement.

Colin is fluent in both English and Mandarin.

Contact Colin at colin.wei@ampfp.com.au


Sherry Wang – Business Development Associate, Head of Paraplanning Unit.

sherry 178x240 normalSherry Wang is a Business Development Associate with this Practice. Sherry holds a bachelor degree in Actuarial Studies from Melbourne University. Sherry also holds a Diploma of Financial Planning and a Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking Management. Sherry has undertaken further studies with Elite Education Institute and CPA Australia and has also qualified as an Accountant in Australia. She has  previously worked with the Bank of China in Shanghai prior to joining us. Her sharp analytical and statistical skills enables her, as part of the support service team to assess the impact of changing conditions on the financial viability of financial planning, investment and mortgage broking strategies and solutions to the Advisers and Accredited Mortgage Consultants of this Practice for clients who seek effective answers to their financial needs.  By virtue of her skills in analyzing financial transactions and assessing risks,  Sherry provides an increasingly range of analytical modelling solutions to technical investment and financial services for advisers to support their clients.

Sherry plays the piano, and speaks and write excellent Mandarin, English, Japanese and Korean. Her excellent proficiency in language skills make her a clear favourite to work with supporting our Advisers whose clients  prefer to converse and communicate in their mother tongues such as Japanese and Korean. Sherry has a cheerful and friendly disposition – so she has a smile for all clients when she is working closely with the advisers and their clients, whether it is for their superannuation, insurance, investment, mortgage and home loan needs. “I am always ready to support your Advisers to translate your investment goals into tangible solutions as part of the support service team”

Contact Sherry at sherry.wang @rkandassociates.com.au

Momoe Takigawa – Executive Relationship Manager

Momoe 2 rsMomoe Takigawa serves as Executive Relationship Manager. Fluent in Japanese, Mandarin and Cantonese, Momoe has a wealth of experience previously working with international clients in Japan, particularly Tokyo, China and Hong Kong as a business analyst and investment specialist, leading technical investment teams from Japan to China and vice versa and working among risk and research managers in Japan. Momoe first studied in the Shanghai Jiaotong University, where she received a Diploma of Economics and Finance, and  furthered her studies in the Tokyo Honngou University of Foreign Studies and the Tokyo Green University of International Business, where she graduated with a Diploma of International Business.  Momoe was previously General Manager of TJCC(Shanghai) Consulting Co.Ltd, and the Manager of Quality Control and After Sales Service of Panasonic Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co. Ltd . Momoe also holds professional certification in life insurance in Japan, and works predominantly with Japanese,  Mandarin and Cantonese speaking prospective clients especially new migrants and asian business owners. Friendly and understanding, Momoe always has a smile for everyone. Momoe likes tennis, and has a son who trains in the local Glen Waverly tennis club together with her, while her husband is an avid basketball player. ” Australia is a lovely country. I enjoy helping people, and I enjoy my work.” No wonder, those who know Momoe is all praise for her dedication in her work and sense of purpose.

Email Momoe at momoe.takigawa@rkandassociates.com.au

Devon Lixue- Business Development Associate

Xue Li(Devon)is a Business Development Associate of AMP Financial Planning. Devon is also currently completing  a bachelor degree in International Business- professional accounting stream from Monash University. Devon is a highly reliable and self-motivated multi-tasker, who pays great attention in understanding various requirements and needs of clients. Devon works with Mortgage Consultants and Advisers in the Practice and has a practical and  comprehensive knowledge in the field of mortgage and home loans and credit service.  A strong believer of professional development, Devon has completed the Accelerated Loan Administrator Programme of the Practice with flying colours, and is in the final stage of completing a Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking Management. Meanwhile, Devon is an interpreter for English-Mandarin languages, accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI). She also has extensive connections and involvement with networks in real estate and property, so that she is able to assist Accredited Mortgage Consultants and Advisers to keep you updated with the latest market trends and dynamics in the field . She always keeps a positive attitude towards life with interests in traveling, cooking and playing the violin. With her practical knowledge, proficient bilingual skills in Mandarin and English, Devon always shares her positive energy with her clients, making things simple to understand and assisting them in a relaxing and friendly environment.

Contact Devon at devon.lixue@rkandassociates.com.au

Dr. Terry Shi  – Business Development Manager

Dr Terry Shi is a Business Development Manager in the investment advisory stream. He holds a PhD degree and a Bachelor of Commerce degree (accounting and finance) from Melbourne University. Terry had previously worked as a business manager managing private investment portfolios of over AUD$50million, including funds, commercial, residential and agricultural properties. He has a broad exposure in accounting, agricultural, economic analysis, private consulting and public relation. With his superior communication and analytical skill, he ensures clients understand the logic behind the advises provided. Terry carries out his work with high level of integrity, independency and professionalism. His in-depth understanding on Australian and Chinese business culture is particularly beneficial for investors and business operators.

Contact Dr Terry Shi at terry.shi@rkandassociates.com.au

Cristofer Soenarto – Business Development Associate

Cristofer is a Business Development Associate with this Practice. Cristofer holds a Bachelor of Finance from Monash University, a specialist degree by Monash focusing on the core basics of Finance. He also has a comprehensive knowledge in home loans and mortgage, having completed the Accelerated Loan Administrator Programme with this Practice. A friendly person who is passionate to serve, Cristofer is active as a Senior Interpreter with the International Reformed Evangelical Church and interprets from Indonesian language into English and vice versa during seminars and sermons. Cristofer plays multiple sports such as futsal, basketball, badminton, and many other activities including laser tag and playing board games. He finds many things more “exciting” when being done together as a team. As a critical thinker, Cristofer is able to use his skills and training to help you towards achieving your goals. As a team-worker, Cristofer works together with the Accredited Mortgage Consultants and Advisers to bring you solutions to help meet your financial needs.“Being responsible with the money entrusted to us is the way to go, and I am here to help you with that.”

Contact Cristofer at cristofer.soenarto@rkandssociates.com.au

Nathan Zheng- Business Development Associate

Nathan is a Business Development Associate with the Practice. He has finished his undergraduate studies at Monash University and plans to further continue his studies in Financial Planning in order to become a trusted and compliant Financial Advisor under the Law. A calm, firm and honest individual, Nathan loves seeing people come to see the truth in their lives and their finances – “helping you paint your picture of tomorrow”.  In his spare time, Nathan can often be spotted in his favourite cafes, enjoying a magical coffee, a long black or a cold drip, spending time on personal devotion or with the church. Equipped with a inquisitive and charitable nature, Nathan joyfully helps the Advisors and Accredited Mortgage Consultants to help clients achieve financial freedom. Nathan is able to speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Contact Nathan at nathan.zheng@rkandassociates.com.au


Mary DiWang – Business Development Associate

Diwang168X168Mary DiWang is a Business Development Associate and  works on General Insurance Broking and Customer services to our clients. Previously, Mary was Analyst with this Practice. She is service oriented and works together with diverse underwriters and insurance brokers to deliver high quality insurance solutions and customer service to clients. Mary received her Bachelor of Finance degree from Adelaide University, and graduated with a Master of Science(Actuarial Science) from Melbourne University in 2014. She has qualified for her Advice in Insurance Broking Tier I and also holds a Diploma in Financial Planning.

Mary speaks excellent Mandarin, and she is accredited as an interpreter for English-Mandarin, having received her National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters Ltd (NAATI) certification so that she can be at her best providing support to Advisers whose clients,  especially businessmen and women from China and overseas, who have a need for her language skills.

Contact Mary at mary.diwang@rkandassociates.com.au